We buy or trade gift cards for bitcoin

We buy or trade gift cards for bitcoin


Hello gift card seller we buy gift cards and trade gift cards | giftcardbuyer.net gift card trades, trading gift cards, gcards, gift cards trades buys. So, how many unused non reloadable gift cards you have just sitting, in your wallets or bedroom drawers. Not being unused, slowly heading toward the final expiration date. It’s possible no one will ever know that actual number of unused giftcards but now you can. Sell your unused gift cards online instantly. The main gift cards we are interested in buying or trading for are high-demand gift cards. Because they can be safely and quickly verified.


We will purchase your unwanted giftcards and will pay up to 50% in cash or up to 60% in bitcoin. You should agree to accept bitcoin for your gift card item. Giftcardbuyer also only accept united states and canada gift cards only. We do not accept any international gift cards of any kind.

However according to market research, the amount of funds tied up in unused gift cards are worth billions. It is worth paying attention to.

Gift cards are a multi-billion dollar industry. Now days, there is an ongoing problem in the United States,”. And around the world they say. “According to the Bureau of Commerce, the % percent of Americans have received a gift card in the last year and the average low to middle class american has at least $200 worth of unused gift cards just sitting around. This type of gift card money is essentially being wasted daily.”


In our direct effort to connect gift card users, shoppers and those interested in cashing out there giftcard for cash or bitcoin in a real world day to day consumer experiences. Giftcardbuyer.net has launching a program that will allow owners of unused gift cards to trade them or sell them for cash or bitcoin. By selling your un-wanted gift cards for cash or bitcoin, shoppers now have more freedom to buy what they want an when they want, as opposed to using a gift card that only works at a shopping mall or at a particular store. It is also a great way for gift card holders of unwanted gift cards to trade them in for cash money or bitcoin.

Buyer and sellers of giftcards will typically list their gift cards at a great discounted rate in order to compete with other online buyers and sellers. The only gift cards that can be redeemed through us is a gift card holders thats online who still has their original store purchase receipt are accepted. No ID or physical address handling or shipping required involved in the process, on this website.

DISCOUNTED PRICE at Giftcardbuyer.net

This is a great way for people looking to sell their giftcards at a nice discounted price through us at giftcardbuyer.net. It is a nice and easy convenient way and very economical. Take this example for instance, a discounted $100 retail value gift card might sell for a discount of % or more. So, the buyer and seller’s market at giftcardbuyer.net stands out and is very very competitive as our service grows in the worldwide popularity. The more people see and use our discounted services, the deeper the discounts for fast gift card transaction selling he with us.

At giftcardbuyer.net, all eligible gift cards must have a digitally redeemable codes. All gift cards accepted are united states gift cards only there are no geographic restrictions in the us at giftcardbuyer.net. But you must have a current original store purchase receipt. No ID or physical address handling or shipping required. Everything is done online through a desktop and or mobile cellphone and, also your payment should arrive by bitcoin within 30 minutes to one hour. Also if their is a problem with your gift card, it can take up 24 hours.

SIGN UP to Sell Trade a GIFT CARD

In order to sign up, we only require a very small limited amount of information that is required. Your email address, a username and your bitcoin wallet payment address or your paypal email payment address. Please check all giftcard balances before contacting us, also all giftcard balances will be triple checked before payment will be released to you. Please make sure your bitcoin wallet address or paypal email address is correct. As for international gift card sellers we only accept usd cash for bitcoin exchange trades only worldwide. For all gift card transactions, In all gift card transactions by seller transactions or buyer transactions for gift card items. All bitcoin transactions and paypal transactions are final and no returns and no refunds.