We buy or trade gift cards for bitcoin

We buy or trade gift cards for bitcoin

FAQ Questions An Answers

1. Question – How it work ?

Answer – First check may sure you want to, sell or trade your gift card. Then check, the gift card you want to, sell trade btc value in us dollars. Follow instructions the instructions through our easy 1, 2, 3, step process. Then fill out your gift card detail information then click the sell button. Once it is completed, you will receive an email confirmation of your sell trade order.

2. Question – Which countries does giftcardbuyers.net allow selling an trading gift cards with ?

Answer – We (Giftcardbuyer.net) only accept usa gift cards only, and with purchase a receipt. We do not accept international gift cards.

3. Question – How long does it take to receive payment ?

Answer – It depend on which option you prefer to receive your payment. Online cash payment within same day, or by mail within 4 to 5 days. Bitcoin payments we strongly prefer customers to do not send payments to their exchange wallet addreses, because sometimes their may be a long payment delay. So it’s always better and very easy to receive your payments to wallet address that is under your full control within 1 hour.

4. Question – What giftcardbuyers.net return policy ?

Answer – All gift card sell items and trade items are final and their are no refunds.

5. Question – How do i know if giftcardbuyers.net is secure ?

Answer – All giftcardbuyers.net connections are encrypted 24 / 7 with a 256-bit encryption.

6. Question – Need support help ?

Answer – If you need support help with a sell, trade order, send us an email through our contact us email address form right away, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can 24 / 7.