We buy or trade gift cards for bitcoin

We buy or trade gift cards for bitcoin

Giftcard Buyer We Want GiftCards Gcard Seller Are Always Welcome

GiftCard Buyer, we want giftcards, gcard sellers, are always welcome, and trader seller of giftcards for bitcoin. It’s easy as 1,2,3 the giftcard, you want to sell. Or GiftCard seller you want to trade you are at the best place to sell and trade giftcards. We will buy it but we pay in bitcoin sometime in cash. First we run a tripple giftcard balance check to verify your card to make sure it is vaild. After it is vaildated then we will release your payment to you online. Everything is 100% anonymous and you do not even need a credit card. There are also no hidden charges and our services is an extremely fast process to exchange giftcard for bitcoin online.

We only accept prepaid non-reloadable giftcards from, Amazon gift Card, Google Play Card, Walmart Card, Netspend Card, Greendot Moneypak Card, Best Buy Card, Vanilla card, American Express Card (AMEX), Visacard, Mastercard, Discover card and more. We buy non reloadable prepaid giftcards, the minimum buy limit of $50.00 for giftcards up to $500.00. The balance on the giftcard must be between $50.00 and $500.00 and there cannot be any restrictions on the cards. We only purchase
United States prepaid non reloadable gift cards only.


GiftCard Buyer


However, these cards must not be reloadable card or be issued to an individual named on the card. Further, these cards must be issued on an “open” network such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover prepaid gift card network. We do not accept personal name registered cards, reloadable, non-transferable cards, promotional cards, paper cards, cards with dormancy fees, or merchandise credits with expiration dates. Therefore, please check your prepaid giftcard balance before contacting us.

We will purchase or trade for your unwanted giftcards and will pay up to 50% in cash or up to 60% in bitcoin if you agree to accept bitcoin for your gift card. Moreover, we buy and trade in many different brands. You will not have to meet at the store to verify the balance of your giftcard. Because we will pay you cash or bitcoin online. For your giftcard you want to sell or trade for bitcoin.

We pay top dollar for top brands. All giftcard transactions can be done online at home, when ever you want to sell. In order to protect both of us all giftcard transactions a done through escrow only with large amounts if needed. After all giftcard buy and sell transaction details have been meet by both side then payment will be released to you. It’s easy as 1,2,3, you must have the current store receipt for your purchased giftcard, so if you want to sell your card today sell gift cards online electronically instantly. All giftcard transactions connections are encrypted with 256-bit encryption are safe and secure. We only accept usd cash for bitcoin exchange trades only worldwide, no international gift cards of any kind will be accepted.