We buy or trade gift cards for bitcoin

We buy or trade gift cards for bitcoin

Sell Trade A Gift Card Receive Bitcoin Instantly

This is how our service (Trade a Gift Card) works. Giftcard Buyer We Buy Giftcards – We Sell Gifcards | Giftcardbuyer.net sell trade a gift card receive cash or bitcoin instantly. You can Trade A Gift Cards that we will accepts you should always first check your trade gift card balance first. Then calculate the total amount of gift cards you want to trade for cash or bitcoin. Sell or trade a gift card, trade your gift cards for cash or bitcoin. Here online you are allowed to sell or trade up to $500.00 only.

Without a doubt, we will purchase your unwanted gift cards and will pay up to 50% to 60% for it 50% in cash or 60% in bitcoin for it per card. Sell a Gift Card – We Buy Gift Cards and Trade a Gift Cards. We buy many different brands. You will not have to meet us at the store to verify the card balance of your gift card. Furthermore, we will pay you cash or bitcoin online.

For your gift card you want to sell, we pay top dollar for non-reload able top card brand cards that are not registered to anyone or in someone else name. Moreover, all gift card transactions can be done online at home, whenever you want to sell. In order to protect both of us when or if you have a larger transaction. All gift card transactions are done through escrow for orders over 2,000 if needed. After all gift card buy and sell transaction details have been meet by both sides, then your payment will be released to you. Undoubtedly, Our service is easy to use it’s easy as one, two, three. Importantly, most of the transactions are completed the same day.

Step 1

However, if you want to trade a giftcard for cash or bitcoin, always remember we only accept non reloadable giftcards. First visit any local convenient store in your area like CVS, Walmart, 7-Eleven, RiteAid, Target, Walgreens, Safeway, Von’s, Ralphs, Kroger, Albertsons, or any local store near you that sells gift cards. Or you can do a search engine web search to find a participating store where you can purchase a gift card or a visa gift card near you, and exchange your gift card for bitcoin. Also please check the todays bitcoin exchange rate, before contacting us. Because the bitcoin rates can fluctuate dramatically hourly, daily.

Step 2
Take a clear picture of the current receipt showing you paid cash for your gift card. And the last four numbers of a clear picture of the gift card serial number of the activated card that matches the receipt.

Step 3

Send us a clear picture of your gift card laying on a flat surface. Showing the front of the gift card and the back of the gift card showing a clear pictures. And the gift card receipt showing clearly (with no fingers or hand in the picture) Then after we receive your detail information and we check to make sure everything is vaild. Then we will send your bitcoin within one hour or sooner. If we have problems verifying your gift card it can take longer than an hour to complete your trade transaction.

We Only Accept Non-Reload able Gift Cards / We Do Not Accept Loadable Prepaid Gift Cards Or Any Virtual Account Cards . Here Is A List Of Gift Cards We Accept, Along With Cash Purchase Receipt With All Cards. All Gift Cards Must Be Purchased With Cash Only.


Traders of gift cards (you) accepts and understands that any bitcoins, or any portion thereof, obtained from the seller (US) Gift card trader agrees it will not to be used for any type of illegal or unlawful purposes of any kind. It’s really fast and easy to trade gift cards and turn your unwanted gift cards into bitcoin. All transactions are 100% anonymous and with no id verification required, you do not even need a credit card. There are also no hidden charges and it is an extremely fast process.

The limitations and prohibitions of liability we only accept usa gift cards only. We do not accept international gift cards of any kind. As long as this website and the information and services on this website are provided to you, we will not be held liable for any kind of loss or damage of any nature, that is no faults from our services provided to you upon your request.

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